BrighterMonday Tanzania C.E.O Mili Rughani addressing HR Leaders.

The 1st edition of the Brighter Monday Tanzania HR Forum was held on the 5th of December 2018 at the Best Western CBD Hotel. The theme for the session was “How to efficiently acquire top Graduates and experienced Professionals using digital platforms in the Tanzanian market”.

In the keynote speech, the CEO of BrighterMonday, Mrs Mili Rughani mentioned that “In 2018, BrighterMonday Tanzania received more than 290,000 online applications and 380,000 Jobs were posted on our website”. These numbers are in line with the 8th sustainable Development goal of Tanzania, ‘Decent work and Economic growth’ - another fact that was highlighted is BrighterMonday Tanzania has over 150,000+ jobseekers and 7,000+ registered employers, actively using the platform to get access to the right opportunities.

The event had an attendance of more than 60 CEO’s and HR leaders from various industries in Tanzania; it was illuminating, interactive, and educative. During the event, the CEO of BrighterMonday Tanzania Mrs Mili Rughani highlighted the importance of employers conducting Graduate Training programmes. 
Some of the C.E.O’s and HR - Leaders that attended the HR Forum.

Mrs. Rughani also highlighted that “In 2018 we reached out to more than 2,000 graduates for an internship program in different industries through our digital platform”. This program proved a massive success, heralding the birth of a streamlined process of facilitating government mandatory internship programs for companies in Tanzania.

The forum also had a panel discussion which gave an opportunity to all employers / decision makers to have a direct Q&A with the BrighterMonday top HR solutions experts. There were questions and answers around the graduate training programme, employer background checks, recruitment consulting services and different other HR-related questions. 
The BrighterMonday Tanzania Team.

Mrs. Rughani pointed out how artificial intelligence (AI) can take HR experience to a higher level. AI that is derived from using the BrighterMonday Tanzania digital platform can handle recruiting, productivity & retention more efficiently than traditional HR methods. She said, “Employers need to have a clear understanding of the role they are looking to fill in, this will help them create a very precise Job description for the roles”. She also highlighted how important it is to fit the candidates' personality to the job. “This is important because skills can be acquired but personalities cannot,” she said. 

The attendees of the event provided positive feedback, with most expressing their satisfaction regarding the content of the event and wishing to return for the next scheduled forum. BrighterMonday plans to hold more regular forums where HR professionals are equipped with the latest industry trends and solutions that can help solve their unique recruitment needs.

BrighterMonday Tanzania’s is part of the ROAM group and has a vision to be Africa’s most user-centric and transparent career ecosystem, connecting the right candidates with the right opportunities.
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