A recent call to action from Hon. John King, Minister of Creative Economy, Culture & Sports for Barbados to reach out to the continent of Africa has gained support from a local Tanzanian business man, Mr. Sifael Malle Hariohay, CEO of Kilibase Adventures. Mr. King was speaking at the opening ceremony of the recently concluded GirlFriendsExpo2019, where Mr. Hariohay offered an adventure package as a door prize for a trip to Tanzania.

Mr. Hariohay, a seasoned climber of the famous Kilimanjaro Mountain, is very excited about Barbados after discovering that a famous Barbadian by the name of Dr. Keith Baird was very instrumental in taking Tanzanian language and culture to the USA, and by extension to Barbados. The climb to the mountain was Mr. Hariohay’s two-hundred and fifty-ninth climb to the summit of the highest, free-standing mountain in the world.

As a tribute to Mr. Baird’s contribution to the country of Tanzania, Mr. Hariohay took the Barbados flag to the summit as a symbol of gratitude and a thank you to Mr. Baird and the island of Barbados. The climber has begun writing his book and swears to visit Barbados before the end of 2019 to meet with the Honorable Minister, and hopes to develop economic discussions related to culture, sports and sustainable relations between the two nations. He also indicated that the Tanzanian government stands ready to support his innovative thinking.

Mr. Hariohay indicated in a conversation with Mareka Haynes, a local reporter for Atlanta-based CaribVoiceRadio, CaribbeanLifeTv and Healing Our Village Broadcast Center, that he intends to participate in the wegatherin2020 and invite local Barbadians to visit Tanzania in an exchange program to spurn economic development and more cultural awareness between the cultures.

He is also hoping to launch his book in Barbados upon arrival and spend time frolicking in the Barbados ocean, as it reminds him of Zanzibar, a famous island spot in Tanzania. He also noted that the famous Accra Hotel brand in Barbados reminds him of his local Accra.

In November of 2019 Mr. Hariohay hopes to have the first entrepreneur conference in Tanzania, to include a visit to the famous mountain and other amenities to be celebrated by those who will be joining us for our first K.L.I.C program, aptly named Kilimanjaro Leadership Conference. Dr. Anita Davis Defoe has already signed on to be one of the keynote speakers. Expect updates and speaker listings as the program unfolds.

Mareka Haynes, CaribVoiceRadio, CaribbeanLifeTv, HealingOurVillageBroadcastCenter
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