Tanzanian Ambassdor Rajab with Qatar Foundation Professor Dietrich Büsselberg. Proto Credit: Paulo Vecina

DOHA, QATAR: On Tuesday evening, the Tanzanian ambassador to Qatar, Fatma Mohammed Rajab, spoke before a crowd of fellow African, Canadian and European ambassadors, students and professors from Qatar Foundation universities and other dignitaries, at a photo exhibition consisting of images from Tanzanian national parks and villages. 

The exhibition is being held at Education City, the home of Qatar Foundation, which is one of the key drivers of the Gulf country’s development agency and has close links with Africa, particularly in education.

Prior to her address, Ambassador Rajab spoke of her time in Qatar and the greater connections she wanted to forge between the two countries. The ambassador began her term of office in Doha in 2017, only two weeks prior to an embargo that was imposed on the country by some of its neighboring states.

“I have been most impressed by the way Qataris have accommodated themselves to the challenges of the blockade and how it has spurred them on to develop their economy and manufacturing base,” she said. “The blockade has perhaps done more to unify the country than anything in its history and it has created an enormous sense of solidarity.”

Ambassador Rajab sees great potential in Qatar helping to develop Tanzania’s newly discovered natural gas reserves. Qatar holds over 14 percent of the world’s gas reserves and has become a leader in developing new technologies, such as a gas-to-liquids process that turns natural gas into clean diesel fuel.

“Besides Qatari investments in Tanzania’s mining sector, there is the potential to benefit from the country’s expertise and investment to develop our natural gas reserves,” said the ambassador. “Besides that, my goal is to help develop and coordinate bilateral business across all sectors, including foreign investment and even the export of produce to Qatar.”
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