THE long-standing stand-off between Dar es Salaam Kariakoo Market traders and some law-enforcers is likely to find a permanent solution after the regional police chief pledged to take necessary measures to contain it.

The Dar es Salaam Special Zone Police Commander, Suleiman Kova, told the traders at Kariakoo market that the police were there to ensure peace and security were maintained, so the business community should not worry about their safety.

He said the police had put in place a special programme to suppress any violence aimed at disturbing business in Kariakoo area and the city at large.

“I want to assure you that the police and the government recognize the contribution of businesspeople to national development because we always depend on these people in the running of our daily life, thus there is no way we can ignore protecting them,” said the RPC.

He said no one was above the law, therefore the police was ready to take legal measures against those who will go against the law.

Kova was responding to questions posed by traders at Kariakoo, which mostly touched on the legitimacy of community police who are alleged to be harassing them.

He said the use of community policing at Kariakoo market was not meant to jeopardize peace but to facilitate security for both traders and customers.

“There are some elements of community police who misbehave while carrying out their duties, but I assure you that we shall take severe legal disciplinary measures to be a lesson to whoever tries to engage in such kind of misbehaviour,” he declared.

For his part, chairman of the union of traders in Tanzania, Mr Johnson Minja, said they were legally identified by government authorities, such as the Tanzania Revenue Authority, because they were active taxpayers, therefore it was unfair for them to be disturbed.

“We need to be respected because we play a big role in the society by providing different needs and services which are required by many people,” he said.
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